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Overlooking Old Quebec City with the Chateau de Frontenac in the back

French from France versus French Canadian

Image caption: Overlooking Old Quebec City with the Chateau de Frontenac in the back. Photo: S. Blancher-Parks

How much is French Canadian different from French from France?

“Spoken French Canadian has some differences in vocabulary used and expressions. For a couple of examples, check my blog posts about my trips to Canada. However, it is very easy to adapt and assimilate these new expressions, And don’t forget that there are some expressions and vocabulary specific to regions in France as well

Canadians tend to be more casual when they speak. They use the “tu” more easily where French people would use the “vous”

I noticed that written French is pretty much alike for an educated native French from France or from Canada. While less educated folks would make some mistakes no matter what, it seems like Canadian will be more inclined to write things phonetically, make up words that don’t exist or miss some grammar points. Less educated native French from France or people learning French as a second language will mostly make grammatical and syntax errors.

This is my experience, everybody has a different one, you may agree or not. Please don’t hesitate to share yours”.

Is French from France more proper? 

“Generally speaking, I don’t believe there is a “proper French” it is a living language. Yes, there are rules and such but new words and expressions are incorporated into the language every day. If you are used to native French from France, it might be your reference, but if you were used to French Canadian that would become your reference”.