French Translation Services

French tutoring and translation services anywhere in the world, or in person in Northern Vermont: Stowe, Burlington and Montpelier areas. Also available (restricted days) in Southern Vermont (Brattleboro area). 

We specialize in English to French and French to English technical translation. Whether you need website translation, web content, documents, labels, or any other material, we have the expertise to provide precise translations. All translation is done manually, we will never use any automation software as these products are prone to errors. Our fields of specialty include:

– Academic : Whether you need your transcripts to be translated to enter an American University, or your resume correctly translated, we can help. We will also make sure to take in account the cultural differences. We have a lot of experience translating academic material. And I did translate my own transcripts and recommendation letters a couple of years ago while applying for my MBA. We can also help translate you thesis, diplomas or anything else!

– General Science: We have a strong background in Science here at and are able to understand scientific material to provide accurate translations. We also have ample resources to call if we need help!

Health and supplement industry: I worked for 8 years in the Health and supplement industry and I am still very much involved in that field, always reading and listening about latest health breakthroughs, findings and trends.

– Cosmetic industry: We currently work with a couple of companies involved in beauty and cosmetics.

– Tourism/traveling industry: I traveled to many different countries and have an extended cross cultural sensitivity. I also have a lot of experience reading guide books and all sort of documentation related to tourism and traveling.

– Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry: I have worked extensively in the Food and Beverage Industry, as a Quality and Food Safety Manager but also as a Research Coordinator and Lab technician.

– Agriculture: I have a degree in Agribusiness with an emphasis in Food Science and Nutrition. I feel very comfortable translating any kind of agriculture related documentation.

– General Business (Economic, Finance, advertising  etc…) I have an MBA with an emphasis in Management. I have worked in diverse industries for an extended period of time and feel very at ease when it comes to translating or teaching business material.

– Sports, Health and Fitness: I have been involved in sports my whole life and feel strongly connected to these field whether it is in French or in English. I currently practice yoga, horse riding, swimming and running. In the past, I have been involved with skiing, biking, triathlon, etc…And I always keep a close eye on latest trends in the health and fitness field.

You don’t see the field you are looking for? Please contact us, we will do anything to help, we have ample resources and other translators available.

Let us provide your labels, diplomas, certifications, regulations, guides, reviews, articles, advertising, website content and booklets with proper translation to ensure your products receive the recognition they deserve!

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