A couple of months ago, I accidentally deleted my old blog 🙁 too bad, but the silver lining is that I created a more professional one. Welcome to my NEW blog and stay tuned, I am posting frequent updates.

I will be posting updates falling under the below five categories:

    1. French Vocab & Grammar for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
    2. French Literature : book, authors, poems, etc…
    3. Free French Resources: When I find exercises, podcasts, books and info about tests and certification, I will post them in that category.
    4. Free Examples of my work: I make sure I preserve confidentiality but feel free to ask me samples of my work if you don’t have a clear idea after looking at these posts.
    5. French Culture & Francophonie: I love French culture and francophonie in general. It is so rich. Whether it is a recipe, info about traveling, songs and French artists, I will be posting on this page.

Look on the right column to find recent posts, comments and archives. If you scroll all the way down you can select posts by categories.

Don’t hesitate to send me inspiration! I am always eager to learn what your interests are and I will answer your questions the best I can 🙂 And please let me know your feedback.

Francophonie in the world

Francophonie in the world

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